Observe Your Child As They Work, To Detect Their Talent

Observe Your Child As They Work, To Detect Their Talent

As a parent, it is often a puzzling task to recognize what your child has an interest in, as his interests can be quick to change.

Here are some ways that you can help your child find and nurture his talents:

1. Engage your child in a conversation after his extra curricular activites, such as, games. Remember to pay attention to his level of enthusiasm as he describes his time doing them, as it is a good indicator of how much he was engaged by it and his enjoyment doing it.

2. Observe keenly as to whether your child is making good progress in the activity that he is interested in. A rapid progress in a short time, such as, crossing multiple skill milestones in a short time, is a good indicator that he is very much interested in it.

3. Make note of the friends that he makes while he is learning the said activity. Socializing and interpersonal development is important aspect of holistic growth of your child and if they are successfully doing so, make note that this is an activity to encourage and nurture.

4. Keep in mind that at this age, his interests can shift and change very soon, as your child will want to try and learn a lot of activities and things. Make sure that the activity that he wants to try is age-appropriate, and is supervised when he is doing it. Being with your child while he is playing games and cheering him on and encouraging him is a great way to positively reinforce and motivate your child to want to get better.