Observe Your Kid's Cranky Behaviour, Be Aware Of Their Tantrums

Observe Your Kid's Cranky Behaviour, Be Aware Of Their Tantrums
3y to 4y

At this age, your child will display anger and discomfort in the form of temper tantrums and cranky behavior. This is because she will not have a way of managing her emotions as they can be quite overwhelming. Although your child may be able to talk in simple words and sentences, she may have trouble expressing her feelings to you and therefore she would choose to express how she feels by means of tantrums.

1. Be patient with your child. It can be quite tedious for you to control her when she starts to throw a tantrum, but patience really is the key. Console your child and pacify her by getting to know what she really wants. Understand if this can be possible and provide her what she wants.

2. Distract her with something she really likes so her mind stops thinking about what is causing her discomfort. Sometimes, it can just be an attention seeking stunt so that you pay her a little more attention at that moment. This can especially happen if she is around one or more children of the same age group.

3. Always remember that it is a give and take with your child. You can give your child what she wants but also put a clause that she should cooperate with you after she has what she wants. It can be quite possible that whatever she wants may seem very unwanted. In cases like that, talk to your child and let her know why she cannot have it.

4. It is okay for you to say no at times. If your child realizes she can have her way every time she throws a temper tantrum, then there is really no stopping her. At times like these, you should be able to say no to her in a way that does not cause her to break out even more.