Offer A Separate Play Area for Play Dates

Offer A Separate Play Area for Play Dates

As your little one grows older, you need to develop his social skills as well as his physical wellbeing. Encourage your kid to mingle with other kids of his age. A great way to ensure this is to set up play dates for your child.

Decide on a day and time and invite a group of your kid’s friends to your place. However, managing so many tots can become a bit chaotic, so you need to be organized. Demarcate a specific space in the house where the children can play, and explain to them that this is their designated play area.

Give the kids access to plenty of toys apt for their age. You can arrange for a few games, but keep some time for free play too. Remember, your child may at first be unwilling to share his toys, so it is important to explain the concept of sharing beforehand. Keep mixing the group to expand your child’s circle of friends.