Offer Simple And Creative DIY Tasks To Your Child

Offer Simple And Creative DIY Tasks To Your Child
Fine Motor

A child need exposures from various side for their ultimate development. Participating in different interesting DIY activities with your child makes the little one confident and more creative and original in his responses. It will help him perceive a situation from different perspectives and will help him solve any situations confidently. Choosing a particular DIY project is very important. The activities must be in accordance with your child's age.

1. Paper sticking: Help your child to draw any simple design like flowers or sun, then cut colorful papers for them. Allow your child to stick those colorful paper strips with the glue on the design. Try the same with filling the design with sponge dab colors.

2. Vegetable print: Cut some vegetable into large pieces, so that your child can hold the vegetable piece comfortably. Then in a plate, take some colors and allow your little one to dab the vegetable and print it on the paper.

3. Thread and beads: Take a woolen thread and some beads with holes in them. Show your kiddo how to put the colorful beads in the thread. Make a colorful chain or wristlet out of it.

4. Sandwich making: Provide your kiddo with some slices of cucumber, onion, tomato and some salt and cheese spread. Show your child how to make a sandwich and allow your little one to do so. Help him a bit.

All these activities increase your child’s attention, concentration, and a wide range of interests.