Offer Sympathy, But Do Not Overdo It

Offer Sympathy, But Do Not Overdo It

At this stage, it is likely for your child to harbor some fears about random things in life. It is important for you as a parent to acknowledge your child’s fears. You can allow your child to hold on to a special toy or blanket for a sense of security. However, do not overdo the sympathy part as this might give the child the feeling that their fears are justified. 

Every emotion of your child is building up at this tender age and how you acknowledge these emotions will determine how her emotional quotient evolves. Balance out the emotional range experienced by your child. Be kind and sympathetic to some of her concerns or fears but do not allow them to dwell into only fear. Be stern with the child if needed.

Encourage emotions of confidence and strength rather than encouraging those of fear. The more weight you give to her fears, the more she will feel justified in doing so. Only allow healthy fears to remain, the kind that ensures they do not become reckless. Rest every other fear must be dealt with in a corrective manner.