Offer Your Kid Colorful Napkins And Eating Implements Of His Own Choice

Offer Your Kid Colorful Napkins And Eating Implements Of His Own Choice

Does your child avoid having meals? Does he make you go crazy at meal times? It’s the high time to make your child’s mealtime fun for him. Along with the food, here is what you can do to make him eat successfully.

1. Avoid stressful feeding session for your child. Don’t forcefully put the spoon in his mouth. Instead, make the use of attractive cutlery to allure him towards food.

2. Allow him to eat his food on his own. If the usual cutlery (knife, fork or spoon) is too large for him to grip, he won't even bother trying to tackle the food. Give him attractive, child-sized cutlery that fits easily into his small hands.

3. Young children are attracted to different colours and shapes. Try different colours and shapes’ crockery to present the food in a best manner.

4. Offer the food to your kid with colourful napkins, which would entice him to use them without any tantrums. Make different origami with the napkins and place it around the food to entice your child to use them.

5. Allow your child to eat with the rest of the family whenever possible as children are great imitators and attractive cutlery and interaction at the dining table with you and other family members may also help.

6. Take him to the market and let him choose his own stuff for meal times. Make him talk to vegetables. Keep telling him about the delicious taste of vegetables, nutritious value and how he will be benefitted by eating vegetables.