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One Thing NEVER To Do If You Don't Want A Stubborn Kid

One Thing NEVER To Do If You Don't Want A Stubborn Kid
4 to 5 years tip

Your child is becoming more self-aware. He will want his way in many occasions which can run into a struggle between you and him. This will develop into a stubborn attitude if corrective measures are not taken in time.

If you want to raise a compliant child, never disrespectfully talk to him. Model respect in your relationship. Mutual respect is important.

If he is upset about something happened at play or in school, be there for him. Acknowledge his feelings and show empathy. Guide him how to problem solve.

Practice what you preach. If there is a house rule: ‘We don’t yell at each other.’ Ensure you follow that too.

Build trust and understanding. Involve him in decision making and respect his views. For instance, while deciding on which cake to order for a party, ask his suggestion. This builds his self-esteem. Seek cooperation rather than dictating directives.