One Thing NEVER To Do When Working On Your Child's Reasoning

One Thing NEVER To Do When Working On Your Child's Reasoning

Your child's reasoning abilities are limited to her knowledge about a particular thing. They also strongly depend on how she is able to think with respect to the circumstance. Her reasoning can be logical and illogical, but we have all been illogical at times. Here are some dos and don'ts that can help your child reason better.

1. As your child grows up, she will learn quite a lot about everything around her. She will develop some level of awareness about her surroundings, rules set by you upon her, rules that are meant to be followed at school, etc. She may not be the best at judging the situation based on circumstances, but always remember that she needs time.

2. Don't let your child believe that she is not capable of making her own decisions. Always let her tell you what she thinks is right or wrong. She may just say something to be right at times, but you can always ask her why she thinks so.

3. Help her understand why certain things are the way they are. Explain to her now that she is able to understand them. This will make her reasoning a lot more concrete.

4. Do not influence her reasoning without there being a necessity. Let your child put her mind to test and come up with a reason. This can be as simple as helping her solve a puzzle or as complex as real-life situations. Let her try all she can and come to a point where she asks you for help. That is when you can tell her what to do. And when you do, always tell her why. This is very crucial so that she knows what to do when she comes around a similar situation again.