One Thing NOT To Do Before Hitting Bed

One Thing NOT To Do Before Hitting Bed
5y to 6y

Bed time habits are important so that your child gets a good night's sleep and is fresh and energetic for the next day's activities. A number of things can be detrimental and can not let your little one to have a good night's rest. Here are a few things to avoid to ensure that your child get's a good night's rest:

1. Sugar binging before bed is one of things that doesn't let a child get a good night's rest. It fills your child's system with a lot of sugar and can make them un co operative and agitated and they wont get a good night's rest.

2. Too much TV before bed time is also detrimental for sleep. This puts a lot of strain on your child's little eyes and this strain will not them fall asleep soon, cutting down on the sleep time and making them lethargic and agitated for the next day.

3. Make sure that the child does not go to bed too physically exhausted or strained. Sore muscles and aching joints are anything but a pleasant sensation and the child will not sleep too peacefully if they try to do so after exhaustive physical activity. Hence make sure that the child does not get too exhausted before going to bed.

4. Ensuring that your child does not hear any stories or recollections that might scare him is also another way to ensure that they have a peaceful night's sleep. Your child has a very vivid imagination and if he applies it to the scary recollections that he just heard might cause him to have nightmares or scary dreams, very much affecting the quality of sleep that he has. Make sure that your child goes to bed with fun, happy thoughts in mind!