Parents Should Set An Example By Following A Proper Routine Themselves

Parents Should Set An Example By Following A Proper Routine Themselves

Routine helps you go through your everyday tasks easily and same goes with your kids. Routine will teach your kid to constructively control himself and his environments. Help your child to set and follow a routine by modelling the same.

1. Children learn how to live in the world by observing and imitating those around them and primarily from their parents. Your kid is influenced by you and as a parent, be a role model and set an example by following a proper routine. Do your daily chores on time, like waking up or going to bed on time, going to office, having meal on time and so on.

2. Once set to routine, your child will be more organised, feel safe and be ready to take few responsibilities. Show your child how you organise your home and office simultaneously. Tell him everything can be done perfectly if a routine is followed.

3. Make a timetable for yourself and your kid. Hang it at an easily accessible place. Mark a tick on your time-table after completing the task. Encourage your child to complete his task and mark it on his time-table. Once he is all set to the routine and completes all his tasks accordingly, reward him.

4. At the weekends or during holidays, you can relax the rules a little bit, but make it clear to your kid that this is just for that one time, not a regular occurrence. Teach him the benefits of following routine.