Patiently Answer Your Child Queries

Patiently Answer Your Child Queries

Your little baby has now grown into an inquisitive, intelligent child, fascinated by the world around him. He wants to know how everything works, why certain things happen – the list will be endless. It is your job to both encourage and satisfy his insatiable curiosity.

For your child, you are the ultimate source of knowledge. Consequently, most of his queries will be directed towards you. His questions might seem to be silly or at times even irrelevant. But if you see from the child’s point of view, it is not an unnecessary query. It is a healthy urge for knowledge which should be honed, not suppressed. You are assisting in your child’s brain development.

Handle your kid’s questions calmly and with patience, not matter how ridiculous they may be. Never laugh or scold him for asking any particular question. If it is something too adult or serious for him, explain gently that he is too young to know about this topic now.