Pay Attention To What Your Child Says

Pay Attention To What Your Child Says

As a parent, you are the closest confidante of your little one. All her secret desires, wishes and fears are entrusted to you, including the tiniest of details. In your busy rush through life, there may be times when you brush aside your kid’s seemingly unimportant conversation in favour of something that appears more pressing.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that whenever your kid approaches you to talk, you need to provide her a ready ear. It does not matter how small the issue is – for your kid, every matter is a big issue, so you should treat all her problems with equal gravity.

Open communication with your kid at this age is an important foundation for her later teenage and grownup years, when communication will be of great importance between you. If you discourage her now, she may take it as a cue and stop giving you details. Your kid would love to know that she is being taken seriously by her parents.