Play A Shopping Game With Your Kid

Play A Shopping Game With Your Kid

Among the very many fun activities that you can do with your child, pretend shopping is an especially fun-filled and learning exercise that can be used to basic concepts of money management and awareness of ground level consumer concepts.

1. Set up a pretend shop with your child, taking turns to be the customer and the shop owner to make your child aware of both sides of the business. Deal with items that your child finds relevant to her age, ensuring that not only does your child understand how her favorite things are procured, but also the value that they carry and how much they are worth. Knowledge of these concepts will be deeply rooted in your little one as they relate to all things that she holds dear.

2. Through activities and exercises in the process of setting up shop, inculcate the process in which the seller acquires the things that she loves most. Making her comprehend the concept of transportation and storage for perishable consumables such as her favorite sweets, chocolates, milk products, etc.

3. Use this activity as a teaching experience to reinforce the concepts and basic principles of money and money management. Managing one’s finances is an important practice that one should practice and develop over a lifetime. Teach your child to allocate the money that she is given between the things that she wants to buy.

4. Take it one step higher by taking her to a shop and giving her some freedom to buy the things that she wants, keeping an eye on her habits. This serves as a practical stepping stone and a chance to let your child practice what she learnt in play time.