Play, Run And Jump Along With Your Kid

Play, Run And Jump Along With Your Kid
Gross motor

Your growing kid needs plenty of physical activity to build and strengthen his body and muscles. But in today’s world, this has become difficult, as kids are obsessed with TV and gadgets all the time. The best way to encourage your kid to get off the sofa is to join him yourself!

Engage in some fun physical activities along with your kid, such as swimming, throwing a ball or Frisbee or simply playing a robust game of hide and seek. Your child will love any activity that is done with you or your partner, so he will be encouraged to engage in some physical movement.

If your child is very unwilling to indulge in any physical activity, make it interesting for him. For example, you can get some of his little friends together and arrange a small competition with races and simple games. You can keep small prizes to encourage them too. Applaud the winners but make sure to encourage the other kids too.