Positive Praise Works Better Than Threats

Positive Praise Works Better Than Threats

Praising your child can have a very positive influence on her overall development. When you let your child know what you like about her or her behavior, it positively enhances your child's confidence and self-esteem. By doing so, you end up nurturing your child's growth in the best way possible, which will have a greater impact on her growing up.

1. Criticism and punishments for any wrong done by your child will remain in her mind for a very long time as it can negatively influence her mind into feeling hurt. This is completely unnecessary as she would not know the difference between right and wrong at this age. Let her know what she did was wrong politely so it does not make a bad impression on her mind.

2. Threatening and resorting to scolding your child will only make things worse as this can lead to your child rebelling against you. Instead, you can tell talk to her and let her know that doing it "this" way is better.

3. Praising your child will naturally condition her mind to want more and more praises. As a result, she will begin to display acceptable and desirable behavior instead of being difficult.

4. Praising also works as motivation and encouragement. By doing so, you are motivating your child to do whatever she did to make you happy. Thereby, you are correcting her behavior as well.

5. It is extremely rewarding for your child to be praised by you. A pat on her back, a kiss, a long warm hug all work to positively influence your child to display good behavior.