Practice Kindness And Sharing Through Role Play

Practice Kindness And Sharing Through Role Play

Interactive games are the best when it comes to teaching your child values and behaviour. These work as practical exercises that help retain what your child learns so he never forgets. There are many games you can try for this to happen. Here are a few.

1. Tell your child a story, which will take her notice instantly. Narrate in such a manner that she chooses to pay attention throughout the time. Show her pictures from the book and make her understand the story really well.

2. Make sure to stress on the value being taught. This is the most important part of the activity because the purpose of this is to make her understand and learn the concept behind the story.

3. Next, dress up like the characters from the story that was read to her earlier. This will be the exciting part for her. But, carry out the story by acting it out with your child. You can also involve the entire family for this step.

4. Show her real examples on kind deeds from real life. Tell her over and over that it is a really good aspect of her character to be kind. She needs to also understand that being kind never goes unnoticed.

5. Motivate her to be kind at all times. You can also remind her of the story from before to remind her of the perks of being kind. Teach her the magic words and use them as much as possible around her. All of these put together will help build a foundation for her to be a kind individual.