Practice Punctuality In All Spheres Of Life

Practice Punctuality In All Spheres Of Life

Punctuality is a very necessary trait, which must be present in all children, including your little one. It plays various great roles in every walk of life and it should be developed at any age, however, good to develop from childhood only. Guide your kids to be punctual in all their routine work including play sessions and homework sessions. This will teach them the importance of time in their life. Do not restrict practising punctuality to only school and work. Here are few tips for teaching punctuality to your child from the very beginning. Your child will definitely imitate you. So, be a role model and set examples, like wake up on time, have meals on time or go to bed on time. This is a good way to instil the quality of punctuality in children. Reward programme is always a good option to teach anything. Give an assignment to your child and if he completes it on time, give him a reward. This will motivate him to complete all his tasks in time.

1. Set a time-table for your child. Make it big and hang in his room. Encourage your child for completing routine tasks on time as mentioned.

2. Make him friendly with analog or digital watch. Gift him the same and ask to follow the routine as per time

3. Teach him the consequences of not being punctual. Lead him with real situation like if he wakes up late, he will miss his school bus or favourite breakfast meal.