Prepare Your Kid For Short-term Separations

Prepare Your Kid For Short-term Separations

Your child may not understand the concept of short term goodbyes. He may not understand that you will be back and this can create a lot of anxiety in him and make him feel really unhappy. Help him adapt to short term separations so that he understands that you will come back to him. Here are a few ways.

1. Do not ever hide and slip out in case you need to leave him behind for a while. Your child may panic if he realizes you are not around as he searches for you. This can really scare him and he may not know how to cope with it just yet.

2. Make sure you keep your bye-byes short and sweet. If you keep saying your byes to him for a long time, he will of course, want to come along and he will throw a tantrum or begin to cry uncontrollably and you may not be able to pacify him because of the task in hand.

3. Make him understand that you will be back. Even if he is not able to understand the concept of time, let him know that you will be back so that he does not feel uneasy while you are gone.

4. Give him a task to do while you are away. This can help in keeping him busy and he will remain distracted as he gets involved in the activity. This will also help him get a sense of responsibility.

5. Make sure he feels comfortable with the person you are leaving him behind with. This is very important as your child can feel threatened otherwise.