Prevent Volatile Situations By Planning Ahead

Prevent Volatile Situations By Planning Ahead

No matter how hard you try to be calm, a situation might arise when you lose your temper and yell at your child’s misbehaviour. Sometimes, instead of identifying and making your child understand his misbehaviour, you need to identify the situations which trigger you most to lose your control. Try to prevent those situations by being patient and planning well in advance. This is just a phase and will get over soon.

1. Recall your entire day before you go to bed and make a checklist of the situations which makes you lose your cool. Re-think about the situations and question yourself how well you can handle those situations. It is then when you will find the best answer.

2. If your child is acting out, and you are not able to control yourself, just walk away so you can compose yourself. Call your spouse or other family member to handle the problem because you are too emotional to handle it at that time.

3. Wait for the moment to pass. Count till 10 and compose yourself. Eventually, your child will exhaust himself and that’s when he will need a hug. Be ready to hug him and you will find it is the best therapy to keep your calm in volatile situations.

4. If you have lost your cool, apologise to your child and ask him to do the same. Sit together and spend some quality time. Make your child understand that his wrongdoing makes you go crazy, so please behave properly.