Problem Solving Skills Must Be Emphasized Upon

Problem Solving Skills Must Be Emphasized Upon

As your kid’s intellectual abilities grow, enhance them further by challenging her. Present her with small real-life problems and puzzles, and let her rack her brains to resolve them herself. This will both sharpen her intellect as well as boost her confidence.

Bear in mind that only a literal explanation of theories and concepts will not be enough for your child. You need to give her real life application and experience. Hands-on experience will help her understand things better. For example, if she reaches school and realizes she has forgotten her pencil case, let her figure out a solution herself.

You can also involve your kid in challenging games so that learning becomes fun. Her problem solving skills will improve and your child will excel. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt for your kid and her friends. Leave them clues scattered around the house, which they have to decipher in order to locate the prize.