Pronunciation And Accent Training Right From This Age: Here's Why!

Pronunciation And Accent Training Right From This Age: Here's Why!

Your little one’s speech and language is developing at fast pace. Your toddler’s vocabulary is expanding quickly and he is learning new words every day. He might pronounce words differently from you. It is the correct time to train your child with correct words and their pronunciation.

1. Be it your mother tongue or foreign language, teaching correct pronunciation to your kid is imperative. Initially it may sound good to you if your child pronounces wrong, but you need to check whether it is just the age factor or there is some problem with the tongue. Get consult speech therapist if there is such problem.

2. Your child needs to hear more and more of a language being spoken, to get acquainted to the nuances of a language. Read out loud to make your child pick up how words sound and also to learn what words sound like in a sentence.

3. Songs, rhymes or chants are also a great way to help your child understand the correct sound of words. The repetition of same word in rhymes or chants with different music help your child understand that though the same word if blended with different music has same pronunciation always.

4. Get him engaged with toys and games that will help him in voice training. It stimulates his vocal coordination. It will also help in his interpersonal skills.

5. Stop baby talks and pronounce correct words to help him develop his vocabulary with correct meaning and its speech.