Provide Meals According To The Age

Provide Meals According To The Age
Health & Nutrition

Balancing your child’s meal is really important as it is necessary that he gets all the nutrients that help in his healthy development of mind and body. At this stage, your child’s meal should be planned in such a way that the nutrients and energy provided by his diet are sufficient for his entire day’s activities. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Make a food chart according to the diet your child follows. It can be a vegetarian diet, a non-vegetarian diet, vegan diet, etc. Make sure the food chart is chalked out in such a way that it is appropriate for his height, weight and age.

2. Ensure there are right quantities of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins in the meals given to him every day. There is no such fixed time that is prescribed for his meals, but maintaining a schedule can help your child’s appetite.

3. Feed on demand. Do not just feed your child because of the schedule. There can be times that you child may not feel hungry at all. Indulge your child in a bunch of activities so he builds an appetite. It is okay to break the schedule every now and then.

4. Know your child’s requirement of food per meal intake. Parents tend to have a notion that their baby will be a lot healthier when they eat large amounts of food. This is very wrong because your child should not overeat, but should eat adequately.

5. Remember to keep your child hydrated at all times. Give him sufficient quantities of water throughout the day.