Put Careful Thoughts & Planning Into Your Kid's Packed Lunch

Put Careful Thoughts & Planning Into Your Kid's Packed Lunch
4y to 5y
Health & Nutrition
Growth & Development

At this stage, one of the most common reasons why your child might refuse to finish his lunch is because he doesn’t find the food attractive enough. As adults we may find this reason extremely baseless, but for your child this holds a lot of value.

Understand the fact that your child is discovering things around him and food is also a part of it. So, if the food that he is made to eat is drab and colorless, he will find all the reasons not to eat it. So, while packing your child's lunch make sure that you understand what and how your child wants his food to be. These things are temporary and as your little one grows up, all fancy gimmicks will matter very less to him. Sit and discuss with your child, what he wants and give him that as much as possible. Instead of packing a whole fruit, give sliced or cut fruits as they are easier to eat for your child. Always pack a small piece of something that your child loves to eat and encourage him to eat that at the end. This will motivate him to finish the lunch fast. Make the food look appetising and attractive.