Quick Brush Time & Bath Time Hacks For The Little One

Quick Brush Time & Bath Time Hacks For The Little One
Health and Wellness

Brushing teeth

Place their toothbrush and toothpaste in such a way that they can access it themselves. Have a child sized toothbrush and toothpaste placed in order of sequence of use in a tray. For the child to have access to the sink have a small stool that the child can stand on. Have this lightweight so they can move it around to where they need it.

Bath time

For bath time, have a small bottle of shampoo and soap for the child to use. Children enjoy pouring/squeezing soap out of a bottle and seeing bubbles made. Put a small amount of shampoo or soap in the bottles such that there will be no waste if they decide to pour it all out. When the child is in the bath, have a small bag/net that hangs over the bath for their toys to dry. This bag will also be good in teaching your child to put away their toys by your child. Have a towel rack that is low enough for your child to put their towel for their use.