Quick Hack to Discipline Your Little One Without Timeouts

Quick Hack to Discipline Your Little One Without Timeouts
  • Your little one is a bundle of energy at this point and sometimes that can test your patience as she might do something wrong. Time outs can be helpful, but few children don't understand the concept until they are at least 3 years old. So for your child, time outs are confusing and frustrating. 
  • Put your child in a "naughty chair" instead of sending your child to a room. You don't want your child to associate her room with punishment. Consider sitting with your child. She will probably calm down faster, and you could use the break, too.
  • Timeouts aren’t a suitable concept which would be learnt by your child at this early age. As a parent, you need to figure out quick ideas for keeping your little one from growing naughty. Make her sit on a high chair under your observation andd rightfully call it the 'Naughty Chair' reserved for events when she is being extremely notorius.
  • Make sure you do not speak at that time and wait for your child to realize her mistake. Also, you can take your little one’s favorite toy under your possession until she corrects her behavior. Do not shout or act harsh, as it can totally hamper your child’s temperament.