Quick Hacks To Inculcate Healthy Study Habits

Quick Hacks To Inculcate Healthy Study Habits

1. Ideal time or homework/study fwill be once your child gets back from school when the information is still fresh in his mind. Give him a little snack to eat, let him talk about his day and then start his homework.

2. As far as possible avoid doing the work before bedtime as by then he is tired after a long day filled with school and after school activities.

3. Keep yourself free during the homework time and give your child undivided attention.

4. Encourage your child to work on his own. When the going gets tough, ask questions which will make him think about the solution. Help him when needed.

5. Before starting the work, plan out how the work will be completed. Let him read the almanac, get all the relevant books ready, the necessary supplies he needs.

6. Make sure there is no distractions in between. Monitor your child ’s homework progress and also check his almanac for any notes that need you to acknowledge. Once your child is done with his work, get him to pack his bag for the next day.