Quick Hacks To Make Your Child More Social

Quick Hacks To Make Your Child More Social

1. You will have to teach him to respect all his peers and find out from his teacher, how he treats his classmates in the class besides asking about academics. Listen to his problem and provide a fair unbiased way of handling the situation.

2. Guide him towards resolving the conflict rather than giving the solution directly. With an increase in reasoning abilities, he will be listening to his peers with a more open ear.

3. Start having in-depth conversations which is going to improve his speaking and listening skills. It is also seen at this age, your child is still unable to express himself well. In this process, he will not find better ways to resolve conflicts rather will try to put others down or call each other names. Avoid such situations.

4. At times, he may even empathize with his friends. If he sees his friend being teased, he may feel sorry for him. Where the above changes are experienced by your child and a new approach to parenting is needed, this phase is also the start of something exciting- seeing your child develop his own personality.