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Quick Hacks to Make Your Child Not Fuss About Meals

Quick Hacks to Make Your Child Not Fuss About Meals
3 to 4 years tip
Health & Nutrition

1. There are certain food items or dishes, which are loved by your child. You need to utilize this dish to make your child eat those food items which he dislikes.

2. This favorite item can work as a bribe to make the child eat green vegetables, pulses etc, which are usually hated by growing kids. For eg. If your little one is fond of desserts, then ensure that you have little for every meal he takes.

3. A healthy diet is important for your child, which must be planned on a regular basis. Children develop a fondness for certain items that they wish to be there in every meal.

4. To make sure the child consumes a specified quantity of food you must serve this favorite food item so that your child stays focused on the food.

5. Improvise on the dishes to add that element of surprise and fun during the meals.