Quick Tip To Improve Your Child's Imagination

Quick Tip To Improve Your Child's Imagination

Imagination in kids can be improved by empowering their creative skills. Parents can foster their kid’s imagination by following these practices.

1. Story time: Enable your kid to visualise the characters and the situations when you narrate a story to him daily. Sometimes involve him as a character in the story, which will delight him to imagine many things.

2. Art time: Unleash your child’s imagination through drawings, colours, paints, crayons, glitters, chalks, markers, moulds. Set aside an area in the corner of your room for your little artist to exhibit his creativity through colours.

3. Play time: Open ended toys like the blocks and sand allow your child to imagine, invent, and build without directions or boundaries.

4. Question time: Ask lot of questions to your child about people, colour and surroundings. Also, give wings to his creativity by involving his thoughts. He might have any thought popped up out of any situation but your work is to support his thought instead of judging it. Never restrict the curiosity of your child as this will enhance his observation power more and more. This will also make him confident and he will share his knowledge with other kids as well.

5. Being adventurous: Visit new places in and around your area and when you explore the new place with curiousness and enthusiasm, you will develop the same in your child. Go for a treasure hunt in your backyard. Encourage your little explorer look under the dry leaves on the path, stones, rocks, trees and describe what he finds.