Quick Tips To Bond With Your Kiddo!

Quick Tips To Bond With Your Kiddo!
Cognitive Development

Bonding with your child on an everyday basis is really important as it can help establish trust and security with respect to the relationship between you and your child. This also paves ways for your child to be able to express his feelings to you in a much better manner. Here are a few tips for effective bonding between you and your child.

1. Make sure to be all ears when he is having a conversation with you. If he interrupts you while you are busy with something, do stop for a second to hear him out rather than shutting him out. This can make him feel that you don't give him any attention and can impact him in a negative manner.

2. Play games with your child whenever possible. It can be for a short span of time, but make sure you do involve yourself in a few games with him for a little while every day. Your child needs your attention.

3. Plan a few activities in which you and your child can participate. Activities like coloring, watching a movie, helping you with small chores around the house are some activities that help strengthen the bond between you and your child.

4. Arrange a trip to the zoo or an outing to the park where you can have a mini picnic. Carry some homemade treats that your child enjoys and make a day out of it. You can play fun games like Simon Says to make the outing interesting.

5. Storytelling and pretend play also help a great deal in establishing a firm bond between you and your child. You can also include the whole family so that your child gets to bond with every family member.