Quick Tips To Boost Your Kiddo's Vocabulary

Quick Tips To Boost Your Kiddo's Vocabulary
Cognitive Development

Your kid is now becoming more vocal with each passing day, and his nonstop chatter will give you loads of fun moments. It is now time to start building up and refining his vocabulary. Here are several tips that will help you with this.

Set yourself a target to introduce your kid to a few new words every day. Start with things around the house, for example, ‘window’, ‘sofa,’ etc. Make him repeat the word after you, and then show him it is used in a sentence. Keep revising previous words every few days.

You can also play word games – for example, you can both create small words using letter flashcards. Reading is an excellent way to enhance vocabulary, so read to him often and give him simple books to read on his own. Be sure to teach him the correct pronunciation and usage.