Quick Tips To Enhance Your Child's Pencil Grip

Quick Tips To Enhance Your Child's Pencil Grip
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

Don’t worry if your child’s pencil grip has not developed successfully yet. It is the best time when your child will master the tripod grip. Developing his pencil grasp correctly is not just for helping him learn how to write. Using a dynamic tripod grip helps him to write efficiently, effortlessly and for a greater endurance. Help him learning the same with correct methods.

1. Promote correct pencil grip if you find your kiddo not able to write or draw properly over dotted lines. Hold his hand make him write over dotted lines.

2. Doing fine motor activities will improve hand finger strength and capability. Like, ask him to use a pipe cleaner to thread cheerios, hard candies, beads or other smaller round objects that need to be pinched.

3. Experiment with different type of pencil. Pencil with a triangle shape will help a lot in developing correcting grip. You can also use pencil grips to help him hold pencil correctly.

4. Buy him books that has dot-to-dot activities, which will help him practice to draw lines. If you find him having difficulty in coloring, buy him simple coloring books. Have him practice more and see him improve.

5. Toys with tongs and tweezers encourage the use of the thumb, index and middle finger while working the tiny muscles in that corner between the thumb and index.