Quick Tips To Enhance Your Child's Pronunciation Skills

Quick Tips To Enhance Your Child's Pronunciation Skills
Speech and Language

Helping your child develop and master the art of enunciation of words is an important aspect of the development of his language skills. Here are some ways in which you can do so

1. Start off slow and small. Choose the most basic level of complexity of words to work with and establish the basic rules and methods of enunciation of words, irrespective of the language in question. Show your little one how to pronounce a word by making slow mouth movements, laying emphasis on the key aspects of its pronunciation such as when to breathe, when to stress what letter or sound. Doing this at a lower complexity level ensures that your little one is well conversant with the language and lays out a foundation for the higher skill levels.

2. Encourage your child to talk more. Consistently engaging your little one in conversations not only keeps her engaged, but also lets her practice her pronunciation skills actively and without help, letting her use them practically in real time. Storytelling and read-along activities also work similarly in the way that they encourage your child to verbally interact.

3. As your child masters the basics of pronunciation, increase the level of complexity in a step wise manner, allowing for your child to build upon the skills that he has learnt and learn some new ones.

4. Keep in mind that during the transition phase from one skill level to the next, your child might take his own time to get used to the new skills that you are attempting to teach him. Allow him time to pick them up and become proficient with them and use them well. When he does begin to master them, heap praises on him and his effort, as your attention and affection are the best rewards that he can get as a child.