Quick Tips To Help Fade Your Child's Shyness

Quick Tips To Help Fade Your Child's Shyness

At this stage, it is not unlikely for your little one to be a little reserved about certain things. With little support from you, your child will be able to connect happily with his friends at this point of time.

When you find your child anxious or shy in a group, never judge or label him. Acknowledge his feelings and empathize with him. Give him the security that he is seeking. However, don’t be over protective.

Let him see how you socially interact with people. Seeing your calm and relaxed approach, he will imitate the same with children of his age.

By reading books and doing role play, you can teach him what goes in making friends and building social skills.

Please understand each child has a unique personality. Don’t force him to make friends or push him to perform in front of elders.

If he has bottled up his feelings and is terribly upset, you may see him crying soon. In such situations, just keep your calm, maybe hug him and listen to what he has to say. Once he has stopped crying, teach him how to handle sensitive situations. This takes time and reinforcement.