Quick Tips To Help Your Child Open Up To You Better!

Quick Tips To Help Your Child Open Up To You Better!
Emotional Development

Communication with kids helps a long way in understanding specifics about what your child goes through with their schools, friends, their fears, or worries. It’s an emotional connection with your child and makes your child a happy kid!

1. Being empathetic is the first step to helping your kid open up. Sit with him and talk to him maintaining proper eye contact.

2. Acknowledge his emotions no matter how small or big they appear.

3. Be a good attentive listener, make him comfortable and allow him to talk without interrupting him. Ask simple questions while you allow him to talk about how he feels.

4. When he breaks down or loses his temper, tell him that its alright and comfort him, he will start talking.

5. Understand your child style of conversation ,does he love to talk, if he is not the talkative type, sitting down at his level and actually beginning a conversation can make him open up.

6. For any issues help him, ask him suggestions and encourage him to make decisions, so its easy next time.

7. Avoid questioning with “Why” and instead try using “how, “what” “who” etc. in your questions so your kid gives you all the details. Show compassion while you talk.

8. Try to create a special time with your child for extra bonding- eg when you are going in the car together or while having a walk in the park don’t forget to start a conversation.

9. When your child returns from school, tell him how you felt and missed him, he will love it and start sharing his day at school automatically.

10. Have a 10 minutes session just for your kid, say, after dinner where you read a book together and unwind the day, allow your kid to open up and listen attentively.

Have daily open conversation with your child to understand their dreams, thoughts and concerns.