Quick Tips To Help Your Kid Control His Voice Modulation

Quick Tips To Help Your Kid Control His Voice Modulation

Kids rejoice and shout loudly when excited or want to be heard, not realising how a normal voice works. A normal or medium voice means a voice level that is clear and not too loud as to be annoying to the listener or not too feeble where the listener strains to hear. The effect of voice modulation in communication is often significant.

Here's what you need to remember:

1. Lead him by example: Speak softly at the volume level, you want him to use. This will enable him to converse quietly. Avoid yelling, verbal fights, which will have an adverse effect on your kid.

2. Voice modulation at the right moment: Make him realise that he can be loud indoors during celebrations or emergency. He must speak softly or whisper when a baby is sleeping or when an elderly family member is sleeping or sick and resting.

3. Voice modulation to read and during role play: When you read a story to your kid, use voice modulation to enact the characters of the story. This will help him have a greater understanding of the story. In role play, act out appropriate and inappropriate use of volume.

4. Entertain socialisation: Take your kid to your colony park to play with his friends. While playing a new game, he has to instruct the rules loudly for his friends to hear and understand the game.

5. Maintaining eye contact: The eye contact, the correct posture of the body is important regardless of the voice level.

6. Rewarding your kid: Reward your kid with a golden sticker on his shirt collar for his success in talking quietly. These scenarios will emphasise on him to use the right volume level.