Quick Tips To Improve Your Toddler's Language

Quick Tips To Improve Your Toddler's Language
Verbal language

You can help bring out your 2 year old's budding language skills by-

 -Keeping conversations rolling by expanding on his words and short sentences. For instance, if he says, 'Cat' you can say,"Yes, It is a black cat?’’ ‘’What is the cat doing?’’ and so on.

-Play games like hide a toy and help him find by saying, "Look behind the brown chair."

-Give ample encouragement.

-Slow down, maintain eye contact and when possible, get down to his level. This will help him focus on you and your message.-Please wait. Make sure you take time to wait for your little one to respond to you. Avoid responding and doing for them. Rather wait to see if he can do/say it without you.