Quick Way Of Boosting Your Child's Imagination

Quick Way Of Boosting Your Child's Imagination
Cognitive Development

At this age, your kid is at her most receptive in terms of cognitive development. So you need to utilize every opportunity you can get to stimulate and hone your child’s imaginative powers.

Reading is the best way to stimulate her imagination. Surround your kid with picture books that she can look at herself, and read out to her as often as possible. If she loves to watch television, you can let her watch different children’s programmes that will stimulate her mind. Try to make her understand a difference between a positive character and a negative character. Also, try to make her understand the distinction between a real and imaginary world.

Give your child the freedom to enhance her thinking process by giving a boost to her creative powers. Give her a big brush, some paints pots, and let her go wild. Set aside time for her to play with other kids and let her share whatever thoughts that she has in her mind.