Quick Way Of Making Your Child More Familiar With 'Humans'

Quick Way Of Making Your Child More Familiar With 'Humans'
3y to 4y

Kids at this age often talks to their toys instead of humans and chances are rife that your child would be no different in this regard. Though talking to toys is not a bad thing, but to develop communication skills of your child, you need to encourage him to talk to humans often. Here are few tips on why and how to make him talk to humans:

1. Talking to toys is one sided message disposal. For an effective communication, it has to be two-way around. Become a soft toy of your child and talk to him. Sit behind the soft toy and respond according to your child’s talks.

2. Your child might be scared of other humans. Make him friendly with them by letting him draw a human figure. You can do this to widen your child's understanding of humans in general. Give a demo before he starts and help in every step. With little practice, he should be able to master it in few days.

3. Take your child to different places, introduce him to different people. Ask him to hold conversations with people or you should start conversing with other people to motivate him to talk.

4. Keep an extempore or group discussion at your home related to his favourite toy or cartoon. Give him a chance to speak on the same.

5. Ask other family members and neighbours to hold a conversation along with your child. Ask them to start with open ended questions to make him answer beyond yes or no.

6. Make sure he is getting proper response of his talks with others, else it would demotivate him to keep the conversation going.