Read and Recite-- An Excellent Way to Hone Your Kid's Memory

Read and Recite-- An Excellent Way to Hone Your Kid's Memory

Memory plays a very important role in the learning process of your child. Helping her with improving her memory skills will have its benefits in the longer run. There are several exercises you can try with your child and see what works the best for her.

1. Repeating something your child has to learn is a good way to start off with building up her memory. It can be a song, a story or even an activity, performing it over and over will help her learn it in a very good manner.

2. Storytelling is a great memory builder in children. Try narrating a task or an activity in the form of a story. This will be easily remembered by your child compared to otherwise.

3. Sequential learning is also a great technique to help build her memory. Instruct the task in the form of a sequence where she gets to perform a part of the task on listening to the instruction.

4. Allow your child to recite a song along with you or repeat it after you. You can take this to the next level by recording her recitals, which will act as positive reinforcement and further motivate her to try and recite it all by herself.

5. You can try the repeat technique with writing as well. Ask your child to trace a letter you have written on a sheet of paper. You can also help by holding her hand as she traces the letter. This will make her comfortable with writing and she can try it out on her own in no time.