Read Different Tales And Discuss Them Together

Read Different Tales And Discuss Them Together

For your child, this is quite an appropriate time to get into the habit of reading the right things. Different genre books provide opportunities where you can initiate a different conversation with your little one. From picture story books, fables, folktales, rhyming books to informational books, all promote language development, reading and writing skills. Before starting to read a book, explain why it’s called a fiction, non-fiction, fable, etc.

When your child is exposed to different types of book selections, it sparks her imagination, can trigger different interests like about space, travel, cooking, cultures, etc. For instance, a book on how different countries celebrate Christmas, gives an insight on the cultures around the world.

Your child gets to know about different authors and will expand her choice of books. She will also discuss about the different books with her friends.

When she visits a book fair or a book shop, she is aware of the different genres and her growing reading abilities will help her to look for the right books.