Read Out Stories That Hold A Moral About Kindness

Read Out Stories That Hold A Moral About Kindness

Introducing stories at a very young age has a great deal of advantages. Stories help improve your child’s verbal communication, vocabulary, listening skills, creative thinking and visualization. But, most of all, it is a fantastic way to impart moral values to you child.

1. There is a huge selection of stories you can choose from to narrate to your child. Find out what her preferences are, about the kind of characters she likes, about the kind of stories she likes. This will keep her excited for the activity.

2. Stories from Panchatantra, Tenali Raman, Akbar and Birbal, are to name a few, some of the best stories that have brilliant morals to teach about. Your narration also plays a vital role here. Make sure you keep her involved by dramatizing the story by means of modulation and sounds.

3. Help her understand the morals already spoken of with further examples too. This will help instill the same so she remembers them for a much longer duration.

4. Make sure to help her practically implement what she learns. This is the best way to retain what she learns. She may never need a reminder if she uses what she learns in real life.

5. Help her by setting an example yourself. You can show her repeatedly, whatever she has learnt – not to tell a lie, to be helpful to others, etc. These are some things you can practically demonstrate so she learns from observing you as well.

6. Tell her when she makes a mistake. Be passive about it and let her know when she makes a mistake.