Reading Must Be Made A Regular Habit

Reading Must Be Made A Regular Habit

Books can be your child’s greatest friends and a treasure trove of knowledge for him at this stage of his life. So, do everything you can to create and nurture a love affair between reading and your child.

Start by buying your child age appropriate books. Read them out to him at first. As his reading skills get better, encourage him to start reading aloud to you. You can both take turns to read portions of the book together, so that your kid is more involved.

As your kid’s reading skills improve, start inspiring him to read on his own, loudly at first, and then silently. Identify what his interests are, and get books on those subjects. For example, if your kid is very active and outgoing, he may enjoy adventure books for children. After he finishes a book, discuss it with him. Ask him what he liked or disliked about the book.