Reasons Your Child May Feel Shy Often Among Others

Reasons Your Child May Feel Shy Often Among Others
Social & Emotional

Your child is now developing his own unique personality, and you may sometimes notice that he is shy. You must remember that each person is different and so is your little one. If your child displays many extrovert kind of traits, it is really great. However, if your child displays traits of a shy kid, who doesn't mingle much with others or is afraid to speak, don't worry. It is pretty normal at this stage.

Shyness is a social behaviour pattern your child may show due to various factors like genetics or due to his life experiences. For example, if he has grown up among a big, lively family, he may go into his shell, which could come across as shyness. Or this could simply be because of his innate temperament. 

Your kid reacts emotionally to different social situations. When the emotions are positive, he is seen to be outgoing but when it is a negative emotion like fear or discomfort, then he may shy off. Your kid may also behave in a shy manner because he lacks confidence sometimes.