Recognizing Odd One Out Shapes

Recognizing Odd One Out Shapes
3y to 4y

As your child grows up, observation becomes an important aspect of his mental development. He will need to observe quite a lot about his surroundings, people around him, etc. To help him improve his observation skills, you can try these simple activities.

1. Recognizing shapes and sizes is a really good way to improve his observation. You can try with simple shapes with real objects or drawings of a few circles along with a square. Both the shapes are quite distinct and he will be able to notice the difference without much difficulty.

2. Try this activity with a few circular objects, like clocks, balls, etc. along with an object of a different shape. This will help him get the actual feel of the objects so his observation skills improve in a much significant way.

3. Being able to differentiate based on size is also a great way to strengthen his observation. Pick a few small objects and a big object and let him choose the big object from the lot. You can try this the other way around as well. Be vigilant as your child is around small objects.

4. Sorting between colors is another technique to get better with respect to observation. Give your child a few same colored objects along with one different colored object. Ask him to choose the different one. You can also have a coloring activity based on this concept.

5. Identifying small difference between two pictures is a great activity as well. You can get many simple pictures on the internet or from an activity book.