Refining Language Skills

Refining Language Skills

Language is a very important aspect of your child's early development. There are many ways for you to help your child refine his language skills for better communication.

Here are a few things you can do:

1. By now, your child would already have picked up quite a good number of words from all the songs he may have listened to or from conversations you would have had with him or around him. Your child will already be able to pronouce those words pretty well. You can help by saying those words slowly and clearly and by asking him to repeat after you.

2. Songs and rhymes help a great deal when it comes to enriching your child's vocabulary. Your child is sure to get attracted to the tunes and the words in the songs will make a greater impact than otherwise.

3. Encourage your child to sing along with his favorite tunes. This will help with enhancing his pronunciation skills. Sing along with your child to give him company. This will make the activity a lot more fun and engaging for your little one.

4. Introduce new things from around the house and tell your child what each object is called. help him build an association so he will be easily able to remember the same.

5. Play simple games like mimic, repeat after me, story trivia and so on, to see how well your child is able to pronounce the words and communicate. Do not pressureize your child when he does not seem to meet your expectations. All it takes it a little more time and practice.