Removing Fear From Your Child's Mind

Removing Fear From Your Child's Mind

Fear is something that happens to all age people but if triggered in childhood can last for lifelong. It’s ok if your child has some fear from scary things but it is your duty to check that your child don’t fear from imaginary things, darkness, cockroaches, etc.Talk to him and make efforts to remove that, if any, from his mind and make him fearless in all respect. This is imperative for a strong psychological development in your child.

1. Help your child feel safe. Provide calm support. Your words and actions play an important role, they can be model, your child can use himself. See, if your child is fear of dark, offer to walk along with him in dark area. Turn on the lights and show your child that there is nothing inside. Do not let him explore his fear alone.

2. Do not force your child to face the fear. Forcing him is likely to worsen the fear. Allow your child to take his own time to overcome that fear. Meanwhile, talk to him, compose him and help him getting out of fear.

3. By modeling brave behavior, you can help your child curb his fear. Your child is likely to follow your actions. He will believe if something is safe for you, it is safe for him too. But here comes a tricky part, safety from electric switches, knives or other things should be imparted well to your child.

4. Keep your child away from fearful characters. If your child is too scared of monster shown in a cartoon, better is to turn off the TV and help him understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

5. Do check if your child is scared of some person. Find out the reason of the same. Is that person scolding or teasing your child? Do not ignore it. Talk to that person and monitor his behaviour while he is with your child. Solve the issue.