Repetition Helps To Reinforce Values

Repetition Helps To Reinforce Values

During this stage, your child's mind is actually really open to learning. She will be able to pick up on words, actions and behavior, all so easily and quickly. But since her attention span is really limited, she will not be able to remember quite some of whatever she has learnt, the very next day. You can help by establishing a routine such that certain activities are carried out on an everyday basis, helping your child to register the same in a much efficient manner.

1. When a certain thing is carried out enough number of times, it transitions from being a routine to being a habit. It is imposed at the beginning, but this is an excellent way of teaching your child something so it is retained for a very long time. Doing it over and over acts as a revision process.

2. The above mentioned trick works both for actions as well as behavior. If you tell your child to pick up her toys and to put them in their rightful place every day, she will know she should do the same even when you don't let her know about it on another day.

3. You can also help her understand this aspect in a much better way if you initiate the action and let her follow you. This helps to set up a routine and further solidify it.

4. This also helps with your child's behavioral aspects, as mentioned. If you tell her over and over, not to do something, it will register really well so that she will not repeat it.