Reprimand Gently And Explain Why Using Such Language Is Not Right

Reprimand Gently And Explain Why Using Such Language Is Not Right

Does your child use foul language, speak bad words? Here are few tips on how you should go about it.

1. Be careful about the language you use in front of your child.

2. Be firm and tell him that such language is not acceptable and should not be used when in groups or even when alone.

3. Don't laugh and choose to discourage your friends and family from laughing when your child says a bad word. He will interpret laughter as encouragement.

4. Try not to react at all. Maintain a poker face. If your child can't get a reaction out of you, he will soon tire of these antics.

5. If your child continues to use swear words despite your ignoring him, leave the room. If you are in a public place, you should leave the place along with the kid. Do not talk anything in public to your kid.

6. Give your kid some time to himself and make him sit in a corner or in another room and realise the effect of it.

7. Do not react with anger.

8. When both you and your kid have calmed down, discuss what language is considered good and what is not. Let him know the consequences of disobeying you.

9. In the case of the child being more than 5 years old, make an effort to find out what is bothering him and when you do, help him to find other ways of releasing his pent-up emotions.

10. While it is very hard to stay calm when your child is using profanity, try to convey your hurt and anger to him in a calm manner.

11. Encourage positive behaviour and praise him for restricting the use of bad language if he shows improvement.

12. Find out from whom he is picking up this language and restrict his socializing with such companions.