Resist The Impulse To Shout Back At Your Yelling Kid

Resist The Impulse To Shout Back At Your Yelling Kid

Yelling reactively at your angry kid should never be your approach of handling him. Resist the urge to shout at your angry kid. Your anger will only make the storm worse. Your job is to restore calm, because kids can only learn and understand how to do better when they are calm. Here are tips to keep yourself calm and handle your child simultaneously.

1. Control your emotions. You are your child’s hero. He will learn from you. If you approach your child with empathy, he will learn to do the same. But if you scream, he will pick that up, instead.

2. Get out of the situation. Leave the room for few minutes. Take a moment to collect yourself and your emotions. Once you are settled down, talk to your child calmly.

3. Recognise what makes you lose your control. Prepare yourself well in advance to avoid that situation. Tell your child not to trigger you.

4. Punish your child instead yelling. Give him light punishment like take the opportunity back from him. Give him a timeout session.

5. If ever you lose your control and yell at your child, repent. Recognise your fault and say sorry to your child. It will not make you feel low in front of your child, instead, it will help him instill the habit of repent. Ask your child to repent for his mistakes as well.